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It’s Showtime!

It’s been too long since my last blog post. I’m going to blame that mostly on non-sock related stuff… taking a quick vacation to Montana for some camping and to see one of my favorite bands at a music festival they put on in the mountains outside Bozeman: Storyhill Fest (I highly suggest going if you ever get the chance).
As some added bonuses I also got to see my brother-in-law (other son of THE Socklady) who lives in Bozeman and I got to see Brian & Molly – the friends who are biking across the country. Their route took them right through the area and their timing was perfect to come to the festival and hang out with us for a few days.

Our booth at SFIGF summer 2008

Our booth at SFIGF summer 2008

I’ve also been super busy getting ready for tradeshow season. Twice a year we hit the road and visit select tradeshows with the socks. These are the kind of shows where store owners come to shop – where they find all sorts of fun stuff (like our socks!) to sell in their stores. I love doing these shows – I’ve met lots of wonderful artists and it’s great to see what other creative products people have come up with. My first show of the summer season was in San Francisco at SFIGF. Usually my husband Randy joins me, but he’s too busy with his regular job, so I took a couple girl friends (Jenn & Andy) with me to the big show.

The three of us had a blast. Since there were three of us we also arranged to work a booth for some friends – Arra & Anne at Sea Stones so they could go visit wine country and show off their wine bottle stoppers (which are so cool!) to some winery gift shops. Randy & I also have some of their coast hooks in our master bathroom and several sets of coast hooks line the entryway of Solmate Socks HQ for everyone to hang their jackets on. The show was a huge success and I always enjoy touching base in person with the stores that carry our socks – we’re really lucky that we work with such wonderful shops and boutiques.

With the SFIGF tradeshow over I get to go home for a day and then I’m off to the Rosen show in Philadelphia.


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I love the wonderful little surprises that greet me at work. A customer recently mentioned a book by Reeve Lindbergh (daughter of aviator Charles Lindbergh and author/aviator Anne Morrow Lindbergh) which mentions our socks! Here’s an excerpt from the book:

Ladies, I give you Accessories! Hats, scarves, earrings, pins, and socks, the brighter the better, especially the socks.

I have cheered myself through two weeks of rainy weather and a set of abnormal test results, very scary ones, simply by wearing colorful socks. I have a large collection. My socks are of various colors and motifs, and may be decorated with anything from white sheep on neon-green fabric to red hot peppers against a sophisticated black wool blend. Where I live there is a “Vermont Sock Lady,” too, an entrepreneurial genius who understands the power of footwear. She has created a line of vibrant hosiery, every single sock a little different from every other, in irresistible colors and one-of-a-kind patterns. She markets these with the inspiring thought: “Life Is Too Short For Matching Socks.”

Reeve is another Vermonter, enjoying her farmstead and sharing her life’s experiences through her fabulous writing with her most recent book being Forward From Here: Leaving Middle Age–and Other Unexpected Adventures

Thank you to Reeve for so thoroughly enjoying our socks and mentioning them along with some fabulous compliments in your book. I love hearing how much our socks are appreciated and I hope many of our sock fans pick up and read your book!

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