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Pete Seeger in a Socklady HatWow. Today I got a call from Marianne who got a call from someone else telling her that they saw Pete Seeger wearing a Solmate Socks hat while singing with Bruce Springsteen at the 2009 Inaugural Concert at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC. It’s kinda crazy, exciting and extremely flattering when we see our stuff on TV – stuff from our happy little company here in Vermont – being worn by famous people… at the 2009 inaugural concert!

So of course I went looking online for an image and I was lucky enough to find a great pic of Pete, Bruce and our hat on Flickr.

If you’re wondering, the hat he’s wearing is one of our older styles of hats – a wool hat. No longer available… but I did just put our cotton thinking caps back in stock and up on our website.

Thanks Pete for enjoying our fun & colorful hat – it suits you well.

UPDATED: I just found a video of Pete Seeger singing in his Socklady hat!

UPDATE #2 (Patterns): Again, wow. We are incredibly flattered that so many people noticed Pete’s hat and went searching for its origins. The shear number of comments on this blog posting shows that. Thank you so much to everyone who has commented about how much they enjoy the hat. However, there seems to be some confusion. A great number of comments are asking for us to post the pattern so they can knit the hat themselves. We don’t actually sell our patterns – we never have. We only sell our finished products. Mainly we sell socks, but we also take our sock seconds and manufacturing overages and cut them up and sew them into our hats. We’ve discontinued our wool socks (and subsequently the hats – which is what Pete was wearing). So we don’t have more wool socks or hats around to make available.

Our little company got its start based on Marianne’s (the Socklady) passion for knitting and her creative use of color and patterns. We don’t sell our patterns, but I hope that all the other very enthusiastic knitters out there grab their needles, a couple different skeins of yarn and get creative. 


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