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wwkipA friend just sent this to me and I love it. A day devoted to knitting in public. This year it’s Saturday June 13. To find a public knitting event near you, go to the official Knit in Public Day website.

Absorba The Great BathmatNot that you should only knit in public once a year. Just yesterday I was at one of my favorite Portland area cafes (conveniently located just a couple doors down from the Twisted yarn shop) working on a pair of socks. I’ve been working on these socks for what seems like forever… but really I started them a long time ago and put them down to work on bigger projects. One I recently finished: Absorba the Great Bathmat from the Mason-Dixon Knitting Curious Knitters’ Guide (my current favorite knitting book) and I love the finished project. So cushy and comfortable, it makes me want to knit carpet for the whole house. For the bathmat I went with four strands instead of the pattern dictated three. That made it a little difficult to knit, so for the next one (and there will be a next one) I’ll probably just go with the recommended three strands. We’re about to remodel one of our bathrooms and I’m thinking red for that one.

The main knitting project I’m working on right now is way too big to haul around to various cafes. A large wool blanket just isn’t that portable. But I’m really close. Hopefully by the end of June I can do the final bind-off and post some pics. I have lots of traveling to do this summer (tradeshows with our socks), so I’m going to have to decide on some new, smaller projects to keep me busy on the road.


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