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The One Shoe Blues

one-shoe-bluesWe just found out that Solmate Socks makes a tiny appearance in a video with B.B. King! A customer sent us a note this past weekend… While she was reading Sandra Boynton’s new book One Shoe Blues, she noticed one of our socks in a some of the pictures in the book. On page 22 and page 47 the Daffodil sock of ours is prominently pictured.

Sandra Boynton also developed the story in the book into a video with B.B. King. “The subject is pure fun that every child (and parent) can relate to, the story of a missing shoe. Sporting a lone green sneaker, B.B. King sings the “One Shoe Blues” while his faithful guitar, Lucille, comments here and there with those famous soulful blues notes. A supporting cast of sock puppets make brief surprise appearances—and, in the case of that saxophone-playing, rhinestone-sunglasses-wearing Momsock, grills B.B. on where he might have left his shoe.”

Below is a video which is a little “making of” for the One She Blues video with B.B. King.  Sadly, the uncontested King of the Blues isn’t sporting one of our socks, but you can see the Daffodil sock hanging from a clothesline in several shots in the video.

Enjoy the video, and if you’d like to read the book, you can order One Shoe Blues online at Amazon.com.


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Two of the crew members on the Kalitan V, in the Monhegan Race, Maine, summer 2009.

Monhegan Race summer 2009

I recently was lucky enough to make my first trip to Five Islands in Maine. Marianne’s famliy vacationed here when she was growing up (she actually used to babysit for the gentleman on the left in this image) and subsequently her son Randy (my husband) also vacationed here for a week or so every summer. The Kalitan V is docked at Five Islands and its owners, Doug and Anne, were kind enough to host Randy & me for a night on the island in their home. I’m glad our hats were able to keep their heads toasty warm during this summer’s sailboat race.

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