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We’re super excited to have solar panels now providing a majority of our electrical needs here in the office. Here’ an excerpt from the Green Energy Times about our efforts:

Solmate Socks, Inc. is pleased to announce the completed installation of a 5.52 kW solar photovoltaic system on their offices in Strafford, VT.  The system will provide an average of 80% of the electrical usage in the office, or nearly 700 kW hours per month.  As part of the corporate and environmental responsibility policies of Solmate Socks, the photovoltaic system is the latest and most visible effort toward sustainable business practices.  Since its founding ten years ago, Solmate Socks are proudly American made using 100% recycled cotton.  Recently, the composition of the product has improved to include recycled nylon and lycra, creating a 100% recycled product made in the U.S.A.  Catalogs are printed using FSC certified paper, product tags are made from post-consumer paper and all office paper is 100% post consumer recycled.  Zero waste initiatives have led to recycling of all office paper and cardboard, composting of kitchen waste and innovative ways to recycle all of the waste materials of the production process.  Socks not suitable for retail sale are used to make unique handmade hats.  Scraps from the hat making process are sent to an independent artist and woven into beautiful handmade throw rugs and placemats.  Sock seconds that cannot be used to create hats are routinely donated to charitable causes.  Working closely with the family-run knitting and yarn manufacturing facilities, Solmate Socks has also encouraged the recycling, waste reduction and energy conservation efforts of our suppliers and is even looking for ways to up-cycle the lint waste of production.

Installation of the PV system was completed by ReKnew Energy systems.  Please visit www.socklady.com, www.reknew.net for more information.


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