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I grew up in Southern California and moved to Portland, Oregon to attend the University of Portland. I still live here in Portland, now with my husband Randy & our dog (mostly my dog) Yogi. I count myself as extremely luck to be able to work from home for Solmate Socks - a mismatched sock company based out of Vermont. Long story short... I've always loved colorful socks. Back in high school I was known for always wearing the brightest socks and tights possible. Fastforward to my post college days and I still loved and coveted colorful and funky socks. So when I was out with a bunch of friends and met a boy with the most amazing socks I'd ever seen, I knew that this guy was special. I asked him where he got the socks and when his response was "my mom makes them" I really didn't have any option but to marry him. So now that I've married my way into the sock empire I'm doing my part to make sure that everyone knows that life is too short for matching socks!

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