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This weekend I grabbed a couple of friends and went to the Tulip Festival just outside of Portland, OR. We went to enjoy the gorgeous weather but also to get some sock pictures for our new catalog. Mr. Socklady (my hubby and son of THE socklady – Marianne) joined as the official photographer and I’m still going through the many hundreds of photos from the day. The initial ones I’ve been looking through are great and I thought I’d share a couple.

Lisa & Christopher Christopher

The first one is me holding Christopher… our youngest and cutest model. He was such a little trooper and actually slept through most of the outing. He’s not mine though… his mom, Kerri, is in the second picture holding him up. He did a great job of just looking cute while we were all clapping and cooing, trying to get him to pay attention to the camera (he was far more interested in trying to pull the grass out).

Andy Being Silly

And this is just a ridiculous shot of Andy. I think she might watch too much of America’s Next Top Model because she leapt up on this picnic table and started striking ridiculous poses and claiming to be very “fierce.” While being utterly ridiculous, she still makes our hats look darn good. I’ll post more pics in the coming/days weeks as I continue to go through them.


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Two of my favorite kinds of photos are of course those with our socks in them and then I also have a big soft spot in my heart for adorable animal pictures. Combine those two scenarios together and that makes for a near perfect picture. This morning we received a couple of photos from Cynthia Thomas at First Mountain Design, a clothing design duo based in Leverett, MA that carries our socks. They just received a new shipment of socks and their cat Emily wanted to make sure that the socks passed inspection.

…thought you might enjoy these shots of emily while doing quality control for our recent shipment. she’s very good! as you see, they’re emily’s sock of choice. we love your socks! keep up the good work. -cynthia thomas, first mountain design

Absolutely adorable! If you’ve got any pictures of the socks in action… did they go along for a girls weekend at the beach? Or on a bike trip in Italy? On the whole family’s feet on Christmas morning? Maybe your three-year old attempted to eat his spare sock or the family dog uses it as a snuggle toy… we’d love to see them. Those kinds of pictures give all us sockladies the warm fuzzies. Just send them to us at marianne@socklady.com

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So I have a new favorite pair of shoes to wear with my socks. See, the problem with most shoes is that they cover up half the sock (and pants cover up the other half). It’s not the shoe’s fault… the shoe is just doing its job. But that has all been taken care of now because I am the proud owner of a pair of clear clogs! I even bought a pair for my hubby so he can show off his socks too.

Now you want a pair too, right? I don’t blame you… they’re pretty amazing (and comfy). Well here’s where I got mine: Knitters Dream Store. They’re not available in half sizes, but the sizing felt pretty true to me. I’m a women’s shoe size 8, and the 8 is a perfect fit for me with our cotton socks (probably the wools too, I just wear the cottons more). So if you’re a half size, I’d go a size up.

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Last week was Spring Break for a few teacher friends of mine, so we all decided to head to Moab, UT to do some camping and hiking in the Arches National Park. It was absolutely amazing. The scenery was stunning and the weather… well, sitting around in a camp chair and reading while it’s 80 out… that’s not too bad in my book. Especially considering there’s still snow on the ground in Vermont. Here’s one of my favorite pics, the three of us with our matching shoes, and mismatched socks!


Show us where your socks have been: If you have any fun travel pics of you and your Solmate Socks email them to us at socklady@socklady.com and we’ll post them here on our blog and our our SockTalk page at Socklady.com.

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Prarie Home Companion CastSo it’s time to start a blog. At least I keep having these wonderful moments (some sock related, some not) that I want to share with the legions of mismatched sock fans out there. I just keep thinking “wow, if I had a blog, I’d write about this.” So here it is. Our first blog entry. And what better way to start things off than to share that we’re the sponsors for A Prairie Home Companion at the Champlain Valley Fair this summer in Vermont!

From the VPR (Vermont Public Radio) Website:

VPR Presents: Garrison Keillor and A Prairie Home Companion at the Champlain Valley Fair
Saturday, August 23, 2008 at 8PM, Champlain Valley Fair

Garrison Keillor and A Prairie Home Companion are kicking off the Champlain Valley Fair this summer, August 23, 2008. What a great gift for a public radio fan!

This performance of A Prairie Home Companion, featuring Garrison Keillor with sound man Fred Newman and all your favorites, will be recorded live for national broadcast on September 6, 2008. You can listen to A Prairie Home Companion Saturdays at 6pm and Sunday at 11am on VPR.

This concert is likely to sell out so if you’d like to be there, take advantage of this opportunity to buy your tickets. Tickets range from $25 – $75.


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